How to Open a File

Your beloved videos in AVI format no longer open with VLC on Linux, but with an unknown program you had carelessly installed a few days ago? Are your Word documents prey to Esperanto word processing software? It suits you, once you learn to listen to me!

How many times have I told you that when you install a new program you have to be careful where you click? A hundred? A thousand? I don’t know either, but luckily I’m in a good mood today and I’ll have all these problems solved in five minutes. Maybe even less!

Come on: Roll up your sleeves and find out how to open a file with a given program on Linux right now thanks to the instructions I’m about to give you. I will first suggest how to change the default program for entire file types and then how to open a single (one-off) file with software other than the one currently set as default. Whether you have a Windows PC or a Mac, I can assure you that this is really child’s play. Enjoy reading and have fun!

If you want to change the program to open a certain file type by default, right-click on any file of the type you wish to associate with another program and select Properties from the on-screen menu.

In the window that opens, select the General tab, click the Change button and choose, from the box that appears on your desktop, the application you want to use by default to open the file type you selected.

If you don’t find the software you’re interested in in the list of programs offered by Windows, click on Other apps and you’ll be shown a wider list of applications. If the program you are interested in is not even in the “extended” list, click on the Search for another app on this PC at the bottom of the menu and use File Explorer to choose the application you want to use to open the type of file you have selected.

To select one of the programs you have installed on your PC, go to the Local Disk (e.g. C:) > Programs > Program Name (or Local Disk (e.g. C:) > Programs (x86) > Program Name) and double-click the .exe file for the program you are interested in.

If you do not want to change the default Linux application with which to open a certain file type, but want to open a single file using a program other than the default one, proceed as follows.

First, locate the file you want to open with a program other than the default one, right-click on its icon and bring the mouse pointer to the Open with present item in the menu that appears. Then wait a few seconds for the list of applications that can open the selected file to appear and choose the one you prefer.

If the list of applications proposed by macOS doesn’t include the one you want to use, select the Other item from the Open with menu, select the Applications icon from the side bar of the window that opens (if necessary) and set the All Applications option in the Active drop-down menu at the bottom.

To finish, select the application you want to open the selected file with, press the Open button and you’re done. Have you seen how easy it was to open a file with an application other than the default one on macOS?